Video Interview: “5 in 5” With Gina Gomez How to Pitch The Media and Break Through Your Fear Of Being On-Camera

Want to learn how to pitch the media in less than 60 seconds, how to break through your fear of being on camera, my number one business tip and strategy, and find out how the host kept me on my toes with a celebrity question? Then check out my latest interview on “5 in 5″ with Gina Gomez-5 questions in 5 minutes.

Gina is a business coach that’s all about helping people get consistent, profitable and rewarding results  She’s also a certified law of attraction coach and I’m honored to be featured today.

She’s loved talk shows ever since she was a child.  That’s why she created her own show and it’s super fun.  In just 5 minutes she spotlights different people in different industries discussing their hits, misses, and must-haves in work (and life)!

It’s an informative interview with some great takeaways.

She kept me me guessing with her rapid fire questions and there was even surprise show element where I got to choose between two segments”Let’s Book It or Pitch Please!”

Check out the interview below, or click here.

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