You have everything you need to be a star in your business and life.
I’m here to help you become YOU, Amplified!™ and speak up and step into the spotlight!

Angela Chee - Media Coach

If you’re here, I bet you’re a business owner ready for more clients and customers, and a much broader reach. You’ve got the basics covered: you have a mission, a website and a social media presence. Now it’s time to play bigger.

It’s time to rise above the noise and become THE go-to expert—and a powerful spokesperson for your business and brand.  It’s time to be YOU, Amplified!™-clear, confident and connected ready for any opportunity on-camera and off.

And if you’re as savvy as I think you are, you probably realize the fastest, most effective way to do that is to leverage the power of the mainstream media and video to build your visibility, credibility, and brand.

More exposure, more sales, more clients and more impact

I’m Angela Chee, your personal media strategist and communication coach.

As an on-air personality and producer with 20 years of television experience, I can show you how to navigate the media world so you can successfully pitch and get media exposure—if you don’t have a publicist.  If you do,  I can help you maximize your exposure and get you on camera ready.

I’ll help you get clear on your story, break through your fears of being on-camera, learn how to stay in control of your interview by talking in sound bites, and create powerful messaging so you become a sought-after expert in your field.

As a former Los Angeles and San Diego TV news anchor/reporter, I’ve not only interviewed, but also booked hundreds of guests. I know what producers are looking for and what it takes to get an interview and shine on camera. I’ve even appeared on The Today Show and other national shows as an expert.

I can help you master your message and get clear on your story so you feel confident and in control of your business and brand. From there, I can show you how to get national exposure by starting with local media and growing your reach step by step. It’s not as hard as you think.

Angela Chee - Media Coach