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Be YOU, Amplified!

Hi, I’m Angela Chee.  I’m a media/on-camera and communication coach and speaker.  As a former TV news anchor and reporter with more than 20 years of media experience, I now work with visionary leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, authors, and experts who are ready to be YOU, Amplified!™-to own their power and their voice and amplify their message and mission through speaking, video and media.

I can help you be clear, confident and connected and ready for any opportunity on-camera and off, whether you are speaking on stage, in the boardroom, in the media or in everyday life.

YOU, Amplified!™ is not just about the basics of public speaking or being on camera.  It’s about gaining clarity, breaking through your performance barriers, mastering your message and stepping into your power and true persona.  It’s about discovering your authentic voice of leadership.  It where soul meets strategy.

My mission is to help you break through your barriers, step into the spotlight and live your legacy.  You already have everything you need to shine, you just need to see it for yourself and amplify it.

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Create a “Media Momentum™ Effect” of limitless opportunities in the media and beyond

Once you start putting your work and your message out into the world, opportunities will start coming and you don’t want to miss out because you keep saying, ” I’m not ready!”  You want to be able to say “Yes!” and to make an impact.

You will gain the tools to be a confident, authentic and powerful communicator ready for any situation.  You will be able to connect with any audience, motivate and inspire people, showcase your expertise and amplify your mission.   When you are YOU, Amplified! it becomes easier and easier to speak up, tell your story and share your message whether you are online, on stage or in the media.

One opportunity leads to the next, one media interview leads to another and then you will truly be YOU, Amplified!™

Let’s amplify your visibility and fast track your success.

I’ll teach you how to:

  • Feel clear, confident and connected on-camera and off
  • Build credibility, trust and buzz without expensive advertising
  • Attract new clients and sales without actually selling
  • Raise your brand’s visibility while telling your story and sharing genuine insights
  • Attract media opportunities without pitching—and feel confident and prepared every time
  • Leverage your exposure so it leads to endless possibilities for you and your business

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My mission to help people speak up and step into the spotlight is not just about media: it’s about feeling empowered in all parts of your life.

I’m also passionate about sharing my message as a speaker and host/spokesperson.

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