How To Break Through Your Barriers!

Angela Chee Keynote Speaker

What holds you back? In life? In your business?

I just got back from speaking at an Executive Women’s Conference and this is just one of the things I explore in my keynote-“Breaking Through Barriers, Building A Legacy”.  And even if you’re not a an executive woman there are a few takeaways that may help you discover and breakthrough your barriers.

I’ve always been a Type A overachiever.  So I didn’t think I had problems pushing past my limits and achieving my goals.

Our Conscious and Unconscious Minds

But you see we all have internal barriers and they may not always be in our conscious minds, but deep in our subconscious and unconscious mind and in moments of stress and uncertainty they may hold us back and we don’t even know it.

We speak about 150 words a minute and psychologists estimate we talk to ourselves 10-20x faster than we speak.  That’s a lot of thoughts and unfortunately much of that inner talk is negative.  So what are our inner voices telling us everyday? And do we even know what it is saying and how it is affecting us?   Probably not unless we take a look a little deeper.

 If you were to look at your mind-your conscious thoughts are just 10%, the tip of the iceberg.  Everything else-90%, your subconscious and unconscious mind is below the surface.

So who is running the show?

Culturally when I was a child I was told it was bad for a women to take charge, I was taught to respect authority, not to raise my voice, not to rock the boat.  My parents were Chinese immigrants and they played it safe and wanted me to play it safe.  They weren’t trying to hold me back they were trying to keep me safe, safe from failure.

But as a reporter I needed to be aggressive to get the story, as an anchor I needed to be a leader in the newsroom, as an entrepreneur I need to step into my power and run my company.

So even though, I’ve been able to push past my barriers and achieve my goals for most of my life, are my internal voices in my conscious and unconscious mind holding me back and keeping me from stepping into my true power?

And it’s not just about my culture or my family. We all face cultural conditioning, society’s stereotypes, and media messages everyday depending our how we were raised, where we grew up, our religion, our social circles, etc.

How does this affect us internally? 

You know that inner critic? That voice? What does it say to you? Does it make you stronger? Or does it stop you?  Our programming starts at an early age, but if we are aware we can change it.

What messages do you send yourself in moments of stress or uncertainty?

And do those messages conflict with what you actually want and what you are trying to achieve?

The key is to recognize what holds you back both in your conscious and unconscious mind, discover where they came from and redefine it so its no longer an obstacle but a strength.

It’s may not always be easy, but YOU have the power to shift and redefine it.

What were once inner conflicts for me no longer hold me back because I am clear on what they are, where it came from and redefined it.  It doesn’t mean I never struggle with it.  But now I know when to recognize it and change it.

My story, my upbringing are no longer an obstacle, but an inner strength.  My parents struggle made me stronger and able to get through anything.

Has there been something you’ve been putting off?  In your personal life?  In your business?

Are you having a hard time putting yourself out there? Sharing your voice? Making videos?

Sometimes its not about the act itself, but just something inside us that is keeping us from stepping into our power and our true voice.  What is is it for you?

I’d love to hear what you struggle with and how you plan to redefine it? Comment below.

 Download my FREE inner critic exercise and tips below to help you redefine your voice, boost your confidence, and step into your power.

Need more support? Click here to set up a 15 minute discovery session.  I’d love to help you break through your barriers, whether it’s about getting on camera in the media or just stepping into your true voice and power.

Break through your barriers!

Redefine your barriers so they are no longer an obstacle, but a strength. Download a FREE Internal Barrier Exercise to help you discover your blocks and Tips To Help Redefine Your Inner Critic.

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