Today I wanted to share my thoughts on momentum and how a few simple actions can make you more successful and get you back on track if you’re stuck.

Backaches and Roadblocks!

I just finished a great workout after 4 days of taking it easy because I hurt my back. I feel back on track again, but I almost got derailed.

A few weeks ago I started a new workout program at home. 25 minutes a day-5 days a week. Going to the gym was just sucking up too much time out of my day.

This new plan was great. I was done, showered and ready for my day by 7:30 am. I was not only working out everyday, but feeling more energetic and productive, not even a 3 day weekend could slow me down. Yes, I even worked out on vacation, until I hurt my back last weekend. Bummer. It was just 4 days, but those 4 days slowed down my momentum.

So what does back pain have to do with your business?

We’ll it’s symbolic of your roadblocks and obstacles on the way to achieving your goal.

How To Move Past Your Roadblocks

Have you hit any roadblocks lately?

These obstacles can just be a minor speed bump or completely derail you if you don’t regain momentum. It wasn’t even about the working out, mentally it slowed me down in other areas. Because I was on a break I didn’t wake up as early, I felt sluggish, I snacked a bit more. I could feel me losing the momentum and it would of been very easy to just stop.

But I didn’t because I was committed. I am committed because I know why I am doing this workout. Not just that I want to, but I am committed to getting mentally and physically fit again. For me it’s not about losing weight it’s about getting strength and energy back so I can be there for my family and be there for my business. Instead of burning at both ends and drained at both.

Just like you are committed to your business goals, but life gets in the way. It can be very easy to put them off until another day and then you wonder why you’re still stuck in the same place.

Momentum can go both ways. When you feel discouraged it’s easy to follow the downward spiral, or when your successful at something more success seems to come.

I also found that taking action in one area also leads to momentum in other areas.

How To Get Your Momentum Back!

-Remember WHY You Are Doing What You Are Doing?

What is your end goal and how will it change your life or your business? What will you lose if you don’t?

-Get Clear On Your Goals

Write down what you want and how you plan to take action with specific steps.

-Follow Through and Get A Partner

You need accountability either to yourself or someone to help keep you on track.

Do you have something that came up in your business that side tracked you? Or maybe you took a break and haven’t been able to get back in your groove. Do you see yourself getting more done when you have momentum? What do you do to get your groove back?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Or do you have an setback that you just can’t move past and need a little motivation?

If you need more momentum. I’d love to work with you.

Have you been wanting to put yourself out there more, get more press, book that morning show, do those Skype interviews, make those videos?

Maybe you had a plan for the new year, but now it’s half way through the year and it’s still just a plan, and you haven’t taken any action. Or maybe you don’t know how?

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