Speak like it matters


Speak like it matters

While I may help people with media training and on-camera hosting, many times my clients will have breakthroughs during the session that have an impact on other parts of their life. Or discover the barrier that was holding them back was deep in their subconscious and a subtle mental shift changes everything. Today I wanted to share a breakthrough that may not only help you on camera, but in your business and your life.

Breakthrough Your Internal Barriers and Subconscious

I was working with one of my clients and his barrier was feeling comfortable and being himself on camera. He said, “I’m a dynamic speaker, I can speak in front of large crowds and have no problem, but when I’m in front of a camera, I tense up.”

While we were going through exercises to help him feel more comfortable and bring out his true voice and personality, I asked him why he felt it was so different?

He said, “Well, when I speak there are people focused on me, but when I’m on camera no one is there, no one is listening.”

This statement to him was just a statement, but very telling.

How do you feel when you’re alone and no one listens?

Would you be dynamic, engaging, and personable or stiff and boring?

One of the voices inside his head was saying, “No one is listening. So what I say doesn’t matter.”

And that’s exactly how he presented it, like it didn’t matter. And if you thought what you say doesn’t matter, would it engage an audience? Would you be passionate and authentic? Of course not!

So the first thing was to become aware of It, that this was the voice in his head when he went on camera, “I don’t matter, no one is listening.” and to change it.

What You Say Matters

One technique you can use to be more comfortable on camera is to visualize the camera lens as if you are talking to a friend or your ideal client, whoever you want to impact. You are not talking to the internet, a crowd or no one. You are talking to one single person who wants to hear what you have to say. What you say does matter.

This simple mindshift and visualization will make a tremendous impact on how you convey your message, how you sound, and how authentic you come across.

But this is something you can apply to all parts of your life and business.

How would you communicate if you thought what you said didn’t matter?

If you put yourself out there and got nothing, but silence.

In business you’re not always going to have a giant crowd of fans asking for more, or maybe you do, but you just don’t know it yet.  Just like with on-camera training, in business you have to visualize your audience and share your voice like it matters. You want to have passion in what you are saying and it will come across as dynamic and authentic.

Here’s to sharing your voice like it matters and that people are listening!

I’d love to hear from you.  Do you struggle with sharing your  voice?  What tips do you have to break through your fears and let your authentic self shine?  Leave me a comment below

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