Video Interview: “5 in 5” With Gina Gomez How to Pitch The Media and Break Through Your Fear Of Being On-Camera

Want to learn how to pitch the media in less than 60 seconds, how to break through your fear of being on camera, my number one business tip and strategy, and find out how the host kept me on my toes with a celebrity question? Then check out my latest […]

Top 4 Things To Check Before Shooting Your Next Video

1. Background/Location What is behind you? Where you shoot matters.  I know there are a lot of videos and interviews where people just shoot wherever their desk is and that’s fine.  But in your business do you want to be just fine? Or do you want to take it to […]

What To Expect During Your First Local TV Interview and How To Leverage Your Exposure

“Don’t give up before you bloom, because the seeds you plant may grow at the most unexpected times.” -Angela Chee This is true in business, but especially in when it comes to media.  One of my Media Momentum community members just made her first TV appearance as a “go to” […]