The Power of Publicity For Good

My mission is to help visionary entrepreneurs and leaders like you share your message. Not only to help grow your business and brand, but to help inspire and impact the world.  There is power in publicity, media and video and when I see it’s impact, it moves me, especially when it’s for good.

Operation Refugee Child

Last week my kids put together donation boxes for Operation Refugee Child.  An organization started by 5 California moms to help refugee children by collecting and distributing backpacks filled with essential supplies to help alleviate suffering and provide comfort and hope.


I found out about them from a group of moms in my community who saw their feature on the Today show (moving story-worth the watch) and wanted to help.

The Power Of A Story and Media Momentum

Why am I sharing my kids weekend project with you? While I love supporting good causes, it also shows you the power of a story and the power of what I call Media Momentum for your business.

Their story shows how media and publicity can amplify your message, reach more people and inspire people to action.

In all our local group donated about 85 boxes, but imagine that multiplied in communities across the country. That’s what happened.  I spoke to one of the founders and they were shocked and grateful by the amount of support and donations they received almost immediately after the segment aired.  In one day, with one story- they raised almost $37,000, gained thousands of followers and attracted more media and support for their cause and even now months after it aired they are still seeing the impact.

Overall Impact of Today Show Story

1. Raised More Money

The day the story aired they raised $36,430 in one day.  In that one day they raised more than half of what they have raised since they started their Indiegogo campaign.  They’ve also received cash donations and more in-kind corporate donations.

2.  Gained More Followers

They went from about 1,000 Facebook Followers to more than 9,000.

3.  Attracted More Media 

Media attracts media. That one segment led to even more media coverage from Upworthy to Huffington Post to various local papers and sites.  

4.  Brought Their Story And Mission To Life

The segment helped people connect with their mission.  They couldn’t always explain everything they were trying to do or the refugee situation.  But sharing their stories, their passion and the stories of the refugees and their children, created a emotional and powerful message that moved people to take action.

It also provided inspiration to show how a few volunteers can have a huge impact, overcoming some of the apathy of many who think “I am just one person, what difference can I make?”

5. Provided Ongoing Marketing Materials

What’s great about this one feature is not just that it was broadcast on the Today Show, but it lives on.  Featured on  it reaches even more people.  This one story is also used as a part of other ongoing stories and is continually shared across Today Show social media platforms.

Operation Refugee Child can also use the video to showcase their mission and tell their story and help get even more people involved.  From their website to social media it can continue to be amplified to spread their message.

That’s what I call Media Momentum and it’s the same thing you can use to amplify your message, your mission and your business.

This shows the power of a story, and why it’s important to share what you believe in, whether it is for a cause or for your business.  Mainstream media still holds a lot of power.  The power of story and video move others into action.


You may not realize the impact you have, but it starts with your message, your story and putting it out there into the world.  You never know who it may inspire or what impact you may have. It may just start with your local community and spread across the country and the world.  Just start!

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2 replies
  1. Kat Kanaaneh
    Kat Kanaaneh says:

    Hi Angela! I love your website and the content that you put on Facebook. I have learned so much through your free downloads and I’m slowly putting together my one page media sheet. You are such a natural on camera, I’m following your tips and will be practicing to gain confidence in this area. Thank you for all that you do!

    • Angela Chee
      Angela Chee says:

      Thank you. I’m glad you found my downloads helpful and that you are taking action. I look forward to seeing what you create. Yes, practice. Let me know if you have any questions. Good luck.


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