How To Discover Your Power And Amplify It

This was one of my key messages for a gym filled with young girls at The Live Well Project this weekend, but this is a something we all need to hear sometimes, even me.

When I was little I always believed there was more inside me, a bigger calling and I know there’s something inside you too.

The Live Well Project is a FREE day of empowerment for teen girls promoting community, wellness and self-love started by co-founders Meeshie Nguyen and Michelle Weinstein.

Not everyone has the same opportunities and we want to change that by giving teen girls in San Diego free tools and resources to be confident, healthy and empowered. Sometimes it only takes a spark to create a change.  I was honored to be a speaker and just be there to listen and watch the girls shine.   Some of the girls had lots of questions and a lot to say, others just wanted to know that you cared and wanted to be near you.  The smiles say it all.  

Here’s a quick clip from my introduction where I share my story of growing up in the suburbs of Los Angeles with Chinese immigrant parents and talk about why it’s important to own your power and your voice.    Right before I came on they played video clips from my career, but as we know life is not always like a highlight reel………

The Live Well Project from Angela Chee on Vimeo. Video by Zoie Wilson.

During the workshop we talked about:

-Changing Your Thoughts-You know that feeling inside (butterflies, jitters) or that negative self-talk when we are fearful or nervous?  Hearing that most of us go through the same thing when we face challenges helped them recognize it and made it easier to see it as a powerful energy that can move us forward rather than hold us back.

-Body Language and Eye Contact-Your body language doesn’t just affect the way others see you, but how you feel.  How you move, stand, walk can actually affect the way you feel.   You want to feel confident and powerful?  Then stand, walk and move with confidence and power! How do you stand, walk, move or look at people when you own your power and your voice?

-Visualizing Who And How You Want To Be-Write down 3 adjectives of how you want to be perceived, how you want to be.  Give yourself permission to be you and own it.  Visualize how it would feel if you stepped into your power and embodied those words.

My workshop was geared toward teens, but many of us still struggle with the same things.

Want to see more from the day then check out this inspirational blog post from Courtney Cordero, an amazing big sister.

What does owning your power and your voice mean to you?  What did you do to overcome your challenges and own your voice? What do you still struggle with now? I’d love to hear your story.

Download my FREE inner critic exercise and tips below to help you redefine your voice, boost your confidence, and step into your power.

Need more support? Click here to set up a 15 minute discovery session.  I’d love to help you break through your barriers, whether it’s about getting on camera in the media or just stepping into your true voice and power.

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Here's to you and your voice,

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