Behind The Scenes Of Being A Reality TV Expert and Media Lessons For Your Business!

     Lifetime’s “The Pop Game” with Timbaland Ever wonder what it’s like behind the scenes of a reality show? Or want to know how to handle a media interview? Then you’re in the right place. I’m the media mentor/expert for Lifetime’s The Pop Game and wanted share some insider secrets […]

What You Can Learn From My Latest TV Appearance

I was on The CW 6 morning show with the Founders of The Live Well Project this week.   Their day of empowerment for teens is coming up in a few weeks in San Diego and I’m honored to be speaking and leading a workshop on “Owning Your Power and […]

What To Expect During Your First Local TV Interview and How To Leverage Your Exposure

“Don’t give up before you bloom, because the seeds you plant may grow at the most unexpected times.” -Angela Chee This is true in business, but especially in when it comes to media.  One of my Media Momentum community members just made her first TV appearance as a “go to” […]